JJ Michaels

Name JJ MICHAELS (It stands for John Jamieson)


Height 6’1”

Instagram @j.j.michaels

Where are you from? Originally South Georgia. My first love and I used to feed pigs on a hog farm.

What do you like to do for fun? I really enjoy yoga, strength training, running, doing breath work, hiking, reading, studying the universe, attending YouTube University, getting out into nature, meditation, eating healthy organic vegan foods, and discovering new healing modalities.

What’re you currently reading or watching? I'm currently reading The 5th Agreement and watching FutureMan on Hulu.

Who’s your favorite music artist? It’s always changing, but I’ve been really jamming to Glass Animals & Dean Lewis this week.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Dropping over $100 at Erewhon Market multiple days in a row.

What’s one thing you want people to know about you? That my living example is a reflection of what’s possible. I was born to a family with a ton of “addiction problems,” and I’ve learned that we’re all just doing the best we can given our tools & resources. I literally used to see members of my family passed out on the floor with needles on the counter at a young age. I was super insecure, even in high school. I used to punch myself in the face and call myself ugly. I just wanted people to feel as sorry for me as I felt. I played so much World of Warcraft I’m still healing postural alignment at 26 years old. That’s what got me so hardcore into yoga & healing. Never play the victim. Each of us has the power to create our own reality; me, the creators of this magazine, you, all of us.

How did you get into modeling? At 16, as a scrawny, self proclaimed “World of Warcraft playing nerd” I got a gym membership and told myself I’d make it on the cover of magazines. I’ve done it multiple times. Modeling taught me I could manifest things.

Who do you dream of working with? Ferragamo and Calvin Klein brand-wise, Mario Testino photography-wise.

What’s your most interesting modeling experience? Shooting on a helipad for the first time was pretty dope. I’ve been on set with some World Renowned photographers like Steven Klein and John Russo. Shooting with my boy Ty Chen is always a pleasure too. I like how you never know what to expect completely and every day is different from the last!

If you weren’t modeling, what would you be doing? Authoring books and investing in other businesses! Oh wait, I do that anyway! I feel the beautiful thing about our generation especially is we’re not just confined to one thing. I’m delving deeper into commercials, music videos, and acting this year as well!

What do you want to be remembered for? Inspiring others to be the highest version of themselves as I do the same, continuously and perpetually.