Glowing Bloom by Maurizio Montani

photographer MAURIZIO MONTANI @mauriziomontani_

models ELLEN TEN BERGE @ellenonthemountain and GEORGE GRIFFITHS @georgriffiths @ INDEPENDENT MODEL MANAGEMENT

stylists GLORIA MONTANI @gloriamontani and MICHELA ANDERLONI @mikyander

hair and makeup MAURIZIO MONTANI

set design FLORESINEX @floresinex

View the full story in the March 2019 Issue of Desnudo Italia, available here.

Ex Voto by Giuseppe Attanasio

photographer GIUSEPPE ATTANASIO @giuseppeattanasioph

model PIETRO BATTARRA @ 3mmodels and NEXT MANAGEMENT @pietro_battarra

producer TERESA SALVATRICE MARTELLI @teresasalvatrice

wardrobe provided by FASHION VICTIM STORE NAPOLI