Baxx Vladimir

Originally published in the December 2018 issue of Desnudo Italia.

Image courtesy of Baxx Vladimir.

Image courtesy of Baxx Vladimir.

Who’s Baxx?

Baxx Vladimir, an international artist based in Belgrade but seeking inspiration all over the world. I toy with the idea of being a modern master of vibrance and expression in a world given over to cheap thrills, fast consumption and destruction. I graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, where I earned both, my BFA and MFA degrees in Mural Painting. I pursued my Ph.D at the Academy of Art in Belgrade, where I live and work.

I have always been attracted to different fields of traditional and contemporary art. Beside painting, I also do netart, different kinds of installation, performances and all kind of multimedia art projects. I love having a project to focus on at all times, to inject my newer ideas into, experiment and create art pieces that inspire others to dream and learn more, do and become more. I have been active as an artist and have had numerous exhibitions in Serbia, across Europe, Asia and America. I attended International art festivals, conferences and workshops which have helped me get involved in different projects and network. As a member of ArtAngels – San Francisco, Center for Youth Creativity of Serbia and Association of Fine Artists of Serbia, I wish to demonstrate ways in which we could collaborate in a project larger than any one of us could do alone and keep developing together. Also, I am the founder of Belgrade Art Studio, an international art program designed to bring talented artists, creative practitioners, researchers and writers from around the world to experience a unique cultural environment dedicated to art in Belgrade.

Artwork courtesy of Baxx Vladimir.

Artwork courtesy of Baxx Vladimir.

How did you start and when?

It is fair to say that since my childhood art has been my direction and an integral part of my life. I was brought up in a very artistic family and I felt the power of art from a very young age. At around seven years old my aim was to draw as well as my dad. I practiced my skills all the time. I was a winner of the Children's Drawing Competition on the Environment. I received an award plaque and was congratulated by the local artists and the environment organization staff. Through my ‘mushrooms’ drawing, I wanted to express to other children that we are so fortunate to have a plenty of food and take it for granted, while there are so many in the world who are starving. It was more than obvious that art career perfectly suited my personality.

During the studies, I won an EFG Grant for Best Serbian Students as well as the Ministry of Education and Science Scholarship. Being an honors student helped me to cultivate my willingness to take the initiative, seek out new experiences and continue creating art.

What’s your first inspiration?

I am always inspired by New Media and technology and my art reflects this combination of new and traditional media. Traveling the world, discovering the new: cultures, people, places, sights, sounds unquestionably helps me be creative. The world is a giant place filled with wonders, it’s nearly impossible not to become inspired along the way. One of my main preoccupations is imagery as a free-flowing thing, how images can be manipulated and their meanings can change. Creating gave me a chance of expression, to manipulate and tease my subjects, content and the language of images. My art speak to us about the world we live in—world where politics, sex and religion collide, the unifying force of nature versus the destructive human force.

Artwork courtesy of Baxx Vladimir.

Artwork courtesy of Baxx Vladimir.

What is your most representative work and why?

All of my works represent me, my bottled feelings, thoughts, ideas. That is why I cannot choose one. Whether I explore a metamorphosis in the daily life of the disabled, using images of disability to make everyone think twice about the beauty and perfection which makes disability beautiful (cooperation with California State University, Northridge) or examine gender and sexuality in culture and art, as well as contemporary issues of inequality affecting sexual minorities in our society and global contexts (cooperation with Cuntemporary London), the importance of my work is that I create as a response to a global environment that is culturally diverse, technologically advancing, and multifaceted.

My art is provocative, in your face. It speaks up for the ones in the margins, health and peace! It argues against a consumer society, against a mass society and a mass pop-culture.

Which are your next steps?

I will continue to discover the world and present my art and my creative impulses. That way I will analyze the interaction of my work with global audience. All this will give me a chance to continue creating pieces of art delivered with passion and energy and strongly influenced by this experience.