LATINX by Marco Castro

photography and text by MARCO CASTRO @castromarco @marcomakeup

styling by ANDRE JARRID @andrejrose

producer DIMITRI POPPIS @dimitripoppis

model AFRA CUELLAR @afra.cuellar @ SILENT MODELS NY

hair YOHEY NAKATSUKA @yohey0929


stylist's assistant LAUREN BLU @la.cobalt

makeup assistant MARC WITMER @marcwitmernyc

View the full story in the Summer 2019 Issue of Desnudo Italia, available here.

Film originally published by SHOWstudio.

'We, Mexicans', directed by filmmaker Marco Castro, explores Mexican identity in the United States through the medium of fashion film. Showcasing fashion from the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs and Dior, the short sees model Afra Cuellar pose in the streets of New York, celebrating her Mexican and Latina heritage.

THERE'S BEEN AN IMPORTANT SHIFT in fashion the last couple of years. Yes, more shows and brands are doing an incredible effort to include diversity, but it's not only about including different skin tones in these campaigns. It is crucial to include our Latinx voices, listen to our stories and let our millenarian culture be part of their approach. After all, we are nearly half a million in Italy, and 52 million in the US alone.

Latinx is a new gender-neutral term used in lieu of Latino or Latina. It is fantastic that we are now part of the conversation, and yet, we ‘Latinx’ still struggle with educational advance- ment, incarceration, teenage pregnancy, police brutality, dis- crimination, crime and violence, low literacy, immigration and labor exploitation, etc., and gender nouns are not the only priority.