Desirée Come Eva by Jo Fetto

A well-rounded actress, Desirée Popper is no stranger to the spotlight. She talks about her journey from her country of Brazil to becoming the Italian woman she is today.

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DESIRÉE POPPER, public television personality. Originally from Brazil, she has been living in Italy for ten years and has already enjoyed being loved by the public. We interviewed her during her trip to Los Angeles for the filming of her latest movie. She chats with Desnudo Magazine Italia, showing herself as a woman full of values with a great desire to learn and communicate with the world.

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You’re originally from Brazil, but you’re Italian in all respects. What remains of the Brazilian in you?

I love Italy, this country has given me so much and continues to do so. Italians are very similar to Brazilians, so I immediately felt at home. But I have to be honest, it could take a hundred years, but I could never forget my origins. My heart is Italian but my DNA is Brazilian.

Today, you are an actress. Tell us how you started.

When I came to Italy, I went into a theatre for the first time. I had never been before. It was a very little theatre; the actor was a great artist. Despite the few Italian words I knew, that man with his eyes, his talent and his emotions managed to reach my heart. I discovered afterwards that he was one of the greatest names in theatre: Maurizio Micheli. When I saw him on the stage being adored by his audience, I realized that this was the most beautiful thing in the world. So I started studying.

“I love Italy, this country has given me so much and continues to do so.”


Which one of your characters is the most similar to you?

A few years ago, I happened to star in a show, where I was the only woman among 5 divorced men. I played Laura, a mysterious woman—very sweet but also very strong. In the plot, I played all my cards as a beautiful manipulator for a good cause: the friendship between these men. When I succeeded, I disappeared without a trace. I believe that all women have a little bit of this power, the ability to manage and "fix" the mistakes of men through love without expecting anything in return.

What do you think was your breakthrough moment in your career?

I believe that every experience, large or small, leaves something with you. In Brazil, we say, “It’s the small steps that take you far.” I'm grateful for and I’ve learned from every step I’ve taken. In both my career and my personal life, I’ve made mistakes. But we must take responsibility and keep trying.

You also have an Instagram page focused on fitness. How do you take care of your body? Do you think you can help others to better themselves?

Yes, it's called @bodybydesy. More than a fitness page, I like to call it a "super women community." Today, we have the power to influence people’s souls, to enter people's homes and lives through an Instagram account. So I said to myself: why not stimulate other women to take care of their physical and mental health? I call them "super women" because they are girls who fight eating disorders, young girls struggling with university, mothers and housewives. For this reason, I share simple wellness supplements and workouts to do purely at home for those who don’t have time or a gym membership.

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Who is your inspiration? Actress, model, general celebrity or historical character.

I am fascinated by the ventures and the story of Hedy Lamarr, an Austrian actress who later became a star in Hollywood. She was considered the most beautiful woman in cinema, but what many don’t know is she was a genius under her all her beauty. Today, we can use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi thanks to her. She was an inventor with the appearance of a goddess. She struggled all her life to show who she really was: a great woman and a wonderful mother.

Any future projects?

I’m an artist, every day is the future.

Translated by Giuseppe Attanasio.