“The Alchemist’s Garden” Gucci

by MARCO CASTRO @marcomakeup

"It is a kind of bathroom that belongs to the imagination, where strange objects are kept, and someone obsessed with smells and fragrances. The images are evocative of a suspended time, which is then what makes you experience a scent, to bring you back to an imaginary place," AlessandroMichele on the campaign video for the The Alchemist's Garden collection.

The Alchemist’s Garden.

Perfume has the power to trigger emotions and transport us to a particular place in time, to remind us of that someone we loved or were intimate with... Perfume has been also been worn for esoteric purposes and many of them possess aphrodisiac effects when mixed with your own natural scent.

I’m a big perfume collector and every single one in my collection have their own purpose, depending on the time of day or even my mood. I consider fragrance equally if not more important as fashion and even though you cannot see it, your perfume becomes part of who you are, your personality and your personal trademark.

Image courtesy of Gucci.

Image courtesy of Gucci.

Having previously worked together on Bloom, Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele partnered with master perfumer Alberto Morillas for this exquisite collection. With seven keynotes: violet, amber, iris, mimosa, rose, woods, and oud the scents combine pure natural plants and flowers, layered with modern molecules.

This singular scents in the eaux de parfum, acque profumate and perfumed oils can be layered in a multitude of combinations to construct a customizable, special sillage—the amount the perfume lingers in the air when it is worn.